Our designs are tailored to each client’s needs. Every design focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability, return on investment and budget. In addition, our clients secure cost in government for implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing their operating costs. We adopt the technical solutions best suited to each project.


Our experienced, multi-disciplined team have been able to enhance the public experience with intricate, energy efficient designs that provide unique environments with high air quality and customized lighting. We work closely with architects for the development of authentic environments. These projects require special sound systems, adaptive and special lighting and HVAC systems that prevent acoustical anomalies. The building should possess positive visitor experience, security, lighting design with insights into how to serve their needs and the needs of their audience.Those unique projects need to be designed to engage, educate and entertain the visiting public.


We bring innovativebuilding services design to ensure better environmental comfort and reduce energy expenses is becoming the standard. We help clients to deliver successful and profitable residential developments and their associated infrastructure. We strive to create spaces that improve quality of life for communities and individuals, but also deliver value to our clients through a good return on investment and brand recognition and increase the appeal through the creation elegant systems. We design residential buildings with the long-term view so they are able to adapt to future needs.


We strive to make the environment and working conditions as pleasant as possible within the available means and deliver higher return on investment for the client, throughout the lifetime of the building. We understand the varied requirements, challenges and business aspirations of clients and find solutions that complement its architecture and function. We create flexible design for office buildings to be able to accommodate different occupier groups to make them as leasable as possible. We come up with solutions that improve building performance in energy consumption and cost, water use and occupant comfort.


We understand the range of unique indoor environmental conditions required for modern industrial buildings starting with clear communication and a solid understanding of the project requirements working with the Client and Architect. Industrial Buildings are power hungry, so the systems need to be designed to maximise efficiency and reliability, optimise ongoing operations and represent the best combination of sustainability and high performance. Thoughtful HVAC and fire Systems are critical in industrial building for ensuring comfortable and safe environment for occupants.


By providing a learning environment which is efficient, pleasant, inspiring and equipped with quality systems in educational buildings, we are helping to shape the better future of the students. From primary education to universities, we work closely with architects and clients to design every project environment understanding the building needs. The built environment influences the teacher and students’ behaviour which in turn affects the growth and reputation.

Hotels & Leisure

We design to create exceptional, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings that will generate value for their owners far into the future. Providing maximum comfort, convenience, and entertainment, all in a safe and stylish environment, is a major undertaking to make customers head home inspired by their experience and eager to return. We tailor our skills and experience to suit the specific character and setting of every project, while maintaining the consistently high standards our clients stake their reputation upon.

Health Care

We are actively involved in research to develop designs that will aid in not only the initial layout of the facility but will aid in the operation of spaces both from an energy as well as infection control standpoint. Healthcare Facilities have a wide variety of mechanical and electrical requirements to satisfy their unique environmental and clinical needs. They must be designed and coordinated to be cost effective, sustainable, easily maintained and energy efficient.