We design attractive, resource-efficient, easy to control and maintain, and adaptable mechanical systems for ventilation, heating and cooling to create environments that are comfortable for occupants, economic for owners. We help in achieving optimal performance by providing the accurate solutions analysing the building and the building needs.


We design elegant, energy efficient, cost effective, safe and long-term systems providing a more comfortable indoor environment for occupants. Efficiently designed electrical systems from power distribution to network systems bring the buildings into life and transforms those empty shells into inspiring and attractive environment.

Public Health

We design systems for water supply and sanitation that help buildings work better for occupants, owners and the environment ensuring plumbing and infrastructure work together, performance-based systems from stunning design to ease of maintenance. Thoughtful water and waste system designs make buildings eco-friendlier and more cost-effective.

Fire Fighting

We design systems to safeguard people and assets with insights into risk and human behaviour. Properly designed fire protection systems are critical in commercial properties. Engaging design expertise early in the process to determine accurate requirements is essential for ensuring the success of a project.

Project Management

Involving at all times, reporting to the client team, on an agreed, regular basis in mechanical, electrical and public health project benefits as any challenges are flagged early and actions taken resulting in delivering projects on time, on schedule and on budget.